Meet the Couple Who Could Be the First Humans to Travel to Mars | WIRED

Artist’s rendering of a manned flyby of Mars in 2021. Inspiration Mars Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum are planning a trip to Mars. They’ve been hashing o   Source:  

Buzz Aldrin on the Future of Space Travel: ‘Get Your Ass to Mars!’

The pioneering astronaut thinks that going to the moon again isn’t a good use of our resources. Instead, he’s got his eye on Mars.   Source:  

Space tourists could soon be blasting off from Scotland – Quartz

The first commercial space flights from anywhere outside of the United States could be taking off from Scotland. The British government is planning to launch a port for commercial space flights by 2018, and six out of the eight potential sites in the UK are in Scotland. “Spaceports will be key to us opening up the final frontier of commercial space…… Read more »

Eating at 17,000 MPH: A Brief History of Food in Space |

A look at the sorts of foods astronauts enjoy–or endure–while in space. Source:  

The First Book of Space Travel: How a Female Author & Illustrator Got Kids Into Science in 1953 | Brain Pickings

“If I were a fairy godmother, my gift to every child would be curiosity.” Source:  

NASA Invites Sponsors to Join the Trip to Mars | Adweek

Space, the final frontier … for marketers?  Illustration: Lincoln Agnew Mass media and space travel have always been entwined, the former promoting and propelling the latter since America’s epic push five decades ago to land on the moon before Communist cosmonauts planted the hammer and sickle on its cratered surface. Source:  

The Space Station Is Getting A Coffee Machine – Forbes

Italian companies Argotec and Lavazza have teamed up to bring hot coffee to the International Space Station. Source:  

Investing in Space Travel | Feature | Capital Acumen Online

With the U.S. aerospace industry in an apparent expansion, should you consider adding space-related companies to your investment portfolio? We asked Joe Quinlan, U.S. Trust’s chief market strategist, to weigh in on a range of topics, including investment potential and possible risks. Source:  

Affordable Space Adventures lets you explore on the cheap | Polygon

A trailer released this week for Affordable Space Adventures teases an atmospheric stealth puzzle game headed to the Wii U with the budget conscious space traveler in mind. Affordable Space… Source:  

Top 10 Space Moments | Top 10 Everything of 2013 – Science and Space |

The Galaxy’s Most Adorable Planet The cosmos don’t often get cute, but when it comes to a little world that goes by the prosaic name Kepler-37b, that rule got bent just a little. Discovered by the Kepler space telescope, … Source: